Plant Your Mustard Seed

We lost parishioner Grace Bunch in early 2022, but through her generosity, her legacy to support vulnerable Bolivian children thrives today. St. John the Divine has had a close relationship with Amistad from its inception in the 1990s, when parishioners Anne & David Grizzle invited their founder, Father William Wilson, to SJD to talk to the parish about his new mission. Only two people showed up for his talk and Anne apologized to Fr. Will, but he said, “not to worry,” God had brought the two people who mattered - Grace Bunch and Anne Grizzle. At that meeting, Grace committed $25,000 to build the house that our parish has maintained since then, Casa Amanecer. The casa accommodates 10 children with a primary caretaker, the mama. SJD has supported the entire annual cost of Casa Amanecer — which includes food and education for all of the children, school supplies, and the salary of the mama. Amistad for Families has been a very successful program to equip families to be able to keep custody of their children.

As the major beneficiary of our 2022 Easter offering, we are thrilled to give World Mission Partner, Mission Amistad, $15,000. Learn more about Mission Amistad.

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