Every Song Has a Story
by Tori Gilliland

For three months, We Don’t Talk About Bruno was the number one song most likely to get stuck in your head at any given point during the day. Young children, older siblings, parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and even empty nesters were unable to escape the melody.

Songs have a way of catching the moment and worming their way into our minds, even to the point where we don’t realize we’ve been humming, “No… no… no.. no.. we don’t talk about Brunnnooo” for the last ten minutes.

But when sacred music worms its way into our ears, it goes deeper. Suddenly a song isn’t just an earworm, it’s a heartworm – wriggling its way down into our souls and pointing us back to God. Sacred music brings us to memories not only of the church in your hometown where you got confirmed with Grandma sitting in the pews, but also brings us into the memory of God’s love and salvation. Sacred music brings us into the right-now memory of God.

These sacred memories become connected to songs, and these songs have stories. Every song has a story. From experimenting with YouTube-native church to holding city-wide worship evenings with musicians from around Houston, The Door has always been looking for these stories, even if from the background.

At the Worship Night this Sunday, stories are the focus. Anthony Rogers – one of the main vocalists from the last two worship nights – will be back with the story about a song of his own, Lizi Bailey, our beloved worship leader from the Women’s Retreat comes with her stories, as does our own Associate Director of Music, Zach Meeks, guest guitarist from Houston’s First, Sam Jones, Anthony Pitt from The Table on bass, and for the first time, Kelton Richmond on drums.

Plan to come on Sunday not just to hear the music, not just to hear the stories. Plan to come on Sunday to challenge yourself to enter into the story. God is the grand storyteller, and his story is grander, wider, more encompassing, and more loving than we could ever imagine

The Door Night of Worship – Storytellers
Sunday, June 26

5 pm: Worship Night
5:45 pm: Dinner and Summer Sunday Nights

Singing at the last City-Wide Night of Worship