Andy BreckwoldtAndy Breckwoldt retired from Shell Oil Company in 2017 after a 38-year career, in order to pursue ministry work. He is currently leading St. John The Divine’s leadership development initiative. He also serves on the vestry of St. John the Divine and has previously served in numerous leadership positions at the church. He is a board member of Vibrant Faith, a national non-profit that helped 900 churches last year in the areas of family ministry, faith formation, and leadership.

While at Shell, Andy worked primarily in the Upstream business, with assignments in Texas, California, and The Netherlands. He was a founding member of Shell Technology Ventures, a corporate venture capital company. He ran many business ventures and projects during his career, including multi-billion dollar Deepwater development projects. Along the way he also had a role responsible for overseeing Technology Development for the global Deepwater business (Shell’s largest upstream business unit).  

Andy received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton. He is married to Joan, an accomplished painter. They have two children and one grandchild.

Header image by the Rev. Greg Buffone, used with permission