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Thomas Sumners Society

Tom and Doris Sumners - photo

The Thomas Sumners Society is an Honorary Society for those who remember The Church of St. John the Divine in their estate plan.

You may continue Sumner's great legacy while leaving your own and ensure continued growth of St. John the Divine as a Holy Place To Be. Membership into the Society will include anyone who has named the church in their estate plans either through a will, a trust, retirement plan, and/or any life income vehicle. For more information about becoming a member of the Sumners Society, contact Jackie Skeffington,  or 713-297-8707.

"A Labor of Love for the Glory of God"

In September of 1939, Bishop Quin of Texas instructed the Reverend Thomas Woodward Sumners to lay the foundation for the establishment of a new church to serve Houston’s growing River Oaks community. In selecting Sumners for this important work Bishop Quin chose well.  READ MORE

Founding members:

Katherine & Osmar Abib Mr. & Mrs. Richard Nelson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. George Allen, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nelson, Jr.
Frances & Tim Arnoult Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ofner
Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Bailey, Jr. Ms. Margaret Pack
Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Baker Mrs. Sarah Parks
Mrs. Shirley Burgher Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Peeples III
Mr. & Mrs. William Caudill Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Peters
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Childers Mrs. Sara M. Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. James Connell Mr. & Mrs. William Phelps
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Douglass Mr. & Mrs. Steve Raben
Ms. Sue Edmonson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rice
Mr. Philip Ferguson & Mrs. Katherine O'Neill The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Richnow
Mr. & Mrs. William Galtney Mrs. Michele Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Gobillot Ms. Ann Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Goehrs Mr. & Mrs. William Russell, Sr.
Mrs. Kathy R. Plagens Mr. Elmer D. Samson
Mr. & Mrs. W. Carter Grinstead, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William Schwind
The Rev. & Mrs. Laurens Hall Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Selman
Mrs. Mary Lou Hall Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Shepherd, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hartwell Mr. & Mrs. Haag Sherman
Mr. William Hauber Mrs. Dorman Shockley
Mrs. Joan Hazelhurst Lana & Keith Short
Mrs. Paul Howell Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. Palmer Hutcheson Ms. Jackie Robbins Skeffington
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hutcheson Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Smith, Jr.
Sarah & Jim Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jewell Mr. & Mrs. Timothy T. Stephens
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Knudson Mr. & Mrs. Garvin Stryker
Reid & Madelaine Kirchem Mr. & Mrs. John R. Sult
Mrs. Helen Kuester Mrs. Bonnie Terry
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Love Ms. Carlotta Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Mallay Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tudor, III
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Massey Mr. & Mrs. James Tyler
Mr. & Mrs. Charles McCollum Mr. & Mrs. Burton Willingham
Mr. Dossett McCullough Mr. & Mrs. Newton Wilson, III
Mr. & Mrs. George O. McDaniel, III Mr. & Mrs. John F. Wombwell
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wynhoff
Mr. & Mrs. Don Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Morgan, Jr.