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SJD Stewardship

The St. John the Divine Memorial Endowment Fund was established in 1946 through the foresight of the Rev. Thomas Sumners. Throughout its existence the fund has provided financial support during emergencies, helped fund several facility enhancements, assisted in special charitable and educational activities and been a source of ready capital enabling the Church to take advantage of unexpected strategic opportunities. Over the past few years the Endowment fund has supported the purchase of a generator, campus signage and cooling tower to name a few. By charter, the Endowment Fund is not intended for the Church’s daily operating expenses. Rather, its purpose is to support special improvements, charitable and educational actives and to ensure St. John’s is a Holy Place to Be for tomorrow’s tomorrow.

Gifts to the Endowment Fund can be made by contacting Jackie Skeffington, director of stewardship at or 713.297.8707.

Endowment Board

John Wombwell – President

Catherine Crain

Rod Cutsinger

Ellen Mallay

Haag Sherman

Abbott Sprague

Scott Weber

Tommy Wright