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Here at St John the Divine we have many ministries, targeted for ages from birth to "older and wiser," and across a wide spectrum of interests. All SJD ministries support the mission of our church: We are faithful followers of Jesus Christ, dedicated to Changing Lives for God in Christ. And all our ministries are activities which provide a way for participants to support and strengthen the Body of Christ at SJD, to give to and to receive from one another.

When we receive ministry from others, our understanding that God cares about us individually grows.  When we use our time, talent, or treasure to provide ministry to others, we get an opportunity to focus outside ourselves and to gain the perspective that God cares for the other just as He cares for us. Almost always, the part of ministry that is "giving" and the aspect that is "receiving" are not clearly defined.  Participants often say that they are blessed just as much as they are agents of blessing.

We invite you to check out our ministries.  Find one or more places where God is calling you to be part of Changing Lives for God in Christ at SJD.