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What is the Parenting Children Course?
THE PARENTING CHILDREN COURSE is a course in parenting children ages 0 to 10-years-old. This course is for any parent, step-parent, grandparent, or guardian of children, whether they consider themselves to have strong parenting skills or are struggling, and whether they are expecting their first child, are a single parent, or a step-parent. Participants can come alone, as a couple, or with friends. The practical tools of the course are applicable to everyone who has responsibility for a child or children up to age ten.
What is the Parenting Teenagers Course?
THE PARENTING TEENAGERS COURSE for those parenting 11 to 18-year-olds, will consists of two video presentations by Nicky and Sila Lee, the authors, and will include opportunities after each session to discuss the issues that have been raised. The five-sessions include: Building Strong Foundations, Meeting our Children’s Needs, Setting Boundaries, Teaching Healthy Relationships, and Our Long-Term Aim.
What is the Art of Marriage Course?
Every marriage relationship is in a constant state of movement. You are either growing closer together or further apart. Unfortunately, it seems that the natural inclination of human hearts is to drift apart over time. Every marriage needs a tune-up from time to time, no matter how well it might be running. This course is designed to heighten even the best of marriages. It also serves as a great reminder that you are God’s gift to each other. The teaching presentations are via DVDs from FamilyLife. They have woven together expert teaching, engaging stories, real-life testimonies, and humorous vignettes in a video composition to help couples fully experience God’s design for marriage. The course is also designed for those getting married and is suitable for individuals who are single or cannot come with a spouse. All will get a clear understanding of what a marriage commitment truly means.

Our Mission

St. John the Divine is committed to ministering to the family to strengthen marriages and parenting skills. We know that marriage and parenting takes work and we want to support you and your family.  We are committed to the life of your family. Throughout the year we offer opportunities to strengthen marriages, parenting skills and families of all kinds. We also offer a family parish retreat once a year.


Family Life is a group of adults in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, most of whom have children, who desire to grow in their faith, parenting abilities, and marriages. They look to Jesus as the source of this strength and to the Bible as their guide. Their vision is to Strengthen our Families for God in Christ. Their mission is to grow in community, study God’s Word, pray together, and draw others into this fellowship. Their goal is to bring parents and children, wives and husbands, and fellow Christians closer to God and closer to each other.