Year-long chronological study of the Bible

HIS Story is a 50-week, chronological study of the Bible that allows us to examine and understand God's whole story in the order in which events actually occurred. The plan is one short passage (about a chapter) each day for the year! Every day, we will send out an email with that day's Bible reading. On Sunday morning, one of our teachers will review and give deep background information on the week's readings. We will then break into small groups for discussion. We'll help you find a small group if you haven't already joined one! The teachings will be recorded and you will be able to hear them through our website or by subscribing to the HIS Story podcast. We will also give out a book of overviews, charts, maps, and timelines to help us understand the historical context, relationships between nations, and more.

Weekly Teaching

Every Sunday morning, a rotation of teachers presents deep background on the past week's readings. You can listen to archived recordings of the Sunday morning teachings or subscribe to our HIS Story Podcast.


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