We Are Not In This Alone

Dear friends,

Eric Austin, Gerald Babb and Clay LeinIt was Saturday afternoon before the hurricane when I got the first text. It was from a friend from a church out of state saying that they were praying for us. I thought that was kind of them but what’s a little rain?

On Sunday, I was a lot more concerned. Then a friend who’d seen us Livestream our services texted to say they’d prayed for us at their church. I felt an odd rush of calm. It wasn’t that the storm was over or that everything was going to turn out just fine. Instead, the calm came from a realization that WE ARE NOT ALONE.

We are not alone because God is always with us. But sometimes we need the presence of other Christians to remind us that’s true. That has happened this week. I’ve felt the prayers, encouragement and sacrificial love of the Church around the world. We’ve been prayed for by our mission partners in South America, Belize, Asia and Europe. Closer to home, other churches have mobilized to serve us in our time of need. That picture up there? That's me with Eric Austin and Gerald Babb from Resurrection Church in Plano. They saw a need and stepped in to help meet it.

It’s humbling, but at the same time it feels great to know just how big our FAMILY really is.

Resurrection Episcopal Church of Plano gathered and delivered a truck load of large fans and dehumidifiers to help dry homes damaged by the floods.

So much has been done, and yet much remains to be done. We need your continued help. Here are some things that you can do:

  1. Challenge people to take the "SJD Harvey Relief Matching Challenge". Tell them that an already generous donor has offered to match every dollar donated to the Harvey Relief Fund from now to September 11, up to $10,000. To donate please go to: bit.do/SJDHarveyRelief.
  2. Serve with us this weekend on teams going out on Saturday at 8:30 am and Sunday after church. We will be doing this a lot in the months ahead. This Saturday we’ll be sending teams out to multiple houses AND to help our sister parish – St. Thomas Episcopal in Meyerland. On Sunday, come to church ready to work as we’ll be sending teams out after the morning services.


The Rev. Dr. Clay Lein
September 8, 2017

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