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Service Times

Sunday Service Schedule

7:45 am Holy Eucharist, Rite One (Chapel)
9:00 am Awesome Worship (PLC)
10:00 am Traditional Worship (Church)
10:00 am Contemporary Eucharist (PLC)
4:45 pm Service of Healing Prayer (Chapel)
5:00 pm Holy Eucharist, Rite One (Chapel)
5:00 pm Taizé (Room L21)

There will be one combined service at 10:00 am in the Church and no Awesome Worship on Sunday, July 6 for Patriotic Sunday and Sunday, August 24 for Rally Day. Regular service times will resume September 7.

Weekday Services in the Chapel

7:00 am Morning Prayer M, T, Th, F
5:30 pm Evening Prayer M, T, Th, F
7:00 am Holy Eucharist Rite I W
10:00 am Healing Eucharist W
5:30 pm Holy Eucharist Rite II W


2450 River Oaks Boulevard
Houston, TX 77019
Parking for church services and events only
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Service Descriptions

7:45 am Traditional (Rite I) Eucharist in the Chapel

The traditional service language in the Chapel includes hymns with organ accompaniment. Because of the smaller space, it has an intimate feel. This service lasts approximately one hour.

9:00 am Awesome Worship Service in the Parish Life Center

Awesome Worship is designed for families of children ages 3 through 3rd grade. The children are encouraged to participate in worship. The music has an energetic, contemporary guitar-driven sound, and songs are taught with hand motions. Children, parents, and grandparents participate in praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. The message and Communion service are geared for the entire family while being developmentally appropriate for younger children.  Immediately following the service, children are dismissed to their Sunday school classes.

10:00 am Contemporary Worship Service in the Parish Life Center

Guitar-driven music leads the worship for this service. The music is grounded in the history of the Church across the ages. Our band is equally adept at leading ancient hymns as well as modern worship songs. Worshipers in our Contemporary Service experience the beauty and breadth of Anglican liturgy. Prayer ministers are available for you during Holy Communion. The Contemporary Service brings the Word of God into our increasingly visually oriented culture by using screens instead of songbooks. Dramas, visual arts, and clips from movies and television are occasionally incorporated in the worship service. While the service is distinctly Anglican, the worship style is attractive to those who are familiar with modern evangelical worship. 

10:00 am Traditional Worship Service in the Church

Our summer Traditional Worship Service alternates between Rite I and Rite II Eucharist.

Rite I: This service uses traditional Prayer Book language and features more choral offerings. The service appeals to those who enjoy historic Anglican worship. While families with children often attend this service, it tends to be a more adult congregation.

Rite II: Using contemporary language from the Book of Common Prayer, this service welcomes families while providing a high sense of liturgical beauty and holiness.

4:45 pm Prayer Service in the Chapel

This time is designated for praying specifically for one's own physical, spiritual or emotional healing, or for the healing of others. The worshipper has the opportunity to lift up to God the names of loved ones in prayer and also to kneel at the communion rail for individualized prayer with the priest or a prayer minister. This service immediately precedes a service of Holy Communion. 


5:00 pm Traditional (Rite I) Service in the Chapel

This service is essentially the same as the 7:45 service.  Because the service is at the close of the afternoon, it tends to feel more informal but no less reverent.

5:00 pm Taizé Service in the Sid Smith Prayer Chapel (Room L21)

Taizé refers to a style of worship experienced daily within the Taizé community: song, prayer, and silence that quiets the mind, opens the heart and feeds the soul. Taizé services feature candlelight, songs with simple melody and words, readings, and silent contemplation. Participants are encouraged to come to the cross at the center of worship to offer prayers.