Individualized Computer Training for Seniors

Every Wednesday, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Need help with your smart phone? Want to learn more about Windows 8? How about Skyping your grandchildren to talk face-to-face?

The Seniors Ministry continues to offer one on one training for those interested in honing their technology skills. No prior knowledge is needed but please bring your own lap top, cell phone, ipod, tablet or ipad on which to work. We have Windows desktops in our computer lab which can be used for software training.

Our new instructor, Harold Helm, is well qualified to help answer all those tech questions that keep us awake at night. How do I turn this thing on? Where is the mute button? How can I prevent identity theft? Things we need to know!

One hour time slots are available on Wednesday mornings in the Computer Lab, Room 234 of the administration building. There is a charge of $20.00 per hour that goes to the Seniors Ministry for upkeep of the lab. Please call Susan Davis at 713 354 2264 or email to make an appointment.

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