Stewardship 2017

2017 Stewardship Brochure | 7 Days of Prayer Devotional

Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about the purposes that God has for SJD. We’ve looked at how he has been at work here. We’ve seen how he still challenges us to grow in faith and number. I hope you have seen it, too.

God is still at work here creating an amazing church with a profound impact on our community and the wider church. We’ve talked about what "great" could look like in this place. Even now, our leadership teams are laying the plans and strategies that will enable St. John the Divine to become a powerful influence in our world. We are the kind of parish that can set the standard for what effective "church" can be in the 21st century.

Today, we ask you to make a pledge to support the ministry of St. John the Divine. All that we do is made possible by the gifts of the men, women, and children of this parish. We need you.

Please take the time to do three things.

  • Ask God a very specific question – "what are you calling my family to pledge for your work at SJD?"
  • Talk it through with your family and reach an agreement.
  • Make a commitment by filling out a pledge card. Special pledge cards were distributed in Sunday school for children who want to make their own pledge commitment.
  • You can also make your pledge commitment online by filling out an online pledge card here.

Together we will see God work in our midst to grow his church and "change lives for God in Christ."

God is Working Here at SJD!

God has been at work in this church from day one. He still is! Faith is growing, families are more engaged, people are being served, and prayers are being lifted. God is changing our lives and then using us to impact the world.

Join us in October as we come together to pray and pledge to continue that work.


 God works through our generosity!

God could do it all himself, but he doesn't. He lets us be part of the solution. The ministry of SJD is made possible by our generous gifts of time, talent and treasure. Your gifts change lives!

God calls us to choose his best!

God has a plan for the "best" that is yet to be. He longs to grow us and stretch us and use us to bless the world, then he leaves the choice up to us. Let us choose his "best and then watch him work miracles.