Who We Are

SJD Mission

We are faithful followers of Jesus Christ, dedicated to

Changing Lives for God in Christ

Submitting to the Word of God as revealed in Holy Scripture, we seek to...

+ Know, worship, obey and serve God the Father
+ Receive and trust through faith, the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ
+ Embrace the empowering gifts of the Holy Spirit
+ Achieve God's perfect will as the Church

SJD Vision

We are a Holy Place to Be...
where we are transformed and empowered to reach the world.

SJD Values

We will be a community of faith focused on:

+ Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
+ Loving God, others and self in a community of fellowship
+ Living life guided by Biblical truth, teaching, study, and prayer
+ Worshiping within traditional and contemporary Anglican/Episcopal services
+ Being generous and cheerful givers of our time, talent and treasure
+ Utilizing gifts in service to others for local and world-wide mission
+ Pursuing excellence in everything

Life-Changing Cross Gif File - Life-Changing Cross

The Life-Changing Cross:

Simply stated, this cross is an active, visual representation of SJD living out its vision of Changing Lives for God in Christ.

The Message of the Life-Changing Cross:

We have chosen the cross to serve as the dominant symbol of the SJD logo because it represents Jesus' sacrifice for all of us. Because of the cross we experience eternal and everlasting life. The cross depicts our unity of vision, which is Changing Lives for God in Christ.

The cross is comprised of varying shapes and colors representing the diverse community at St. John the Divine. Elements of the cross are in movement vertically to represent our holy connection to God in Christ while the horizontal movement represents our love and service to others in God in Christ.

The cross in motion is a visual representation of the continual movement of this church to change lives for God in Christ. It is a constant reminder that Jesus is alive and actively working within us and through us. We are charged to serve Christ and take His message to others in order to fulfill God's calling for His church.