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About Us

We truly want you to feel at home at St. John the Divine, and help you connect with the exciting life here!

Mission and Values 

Mission Statement 

We are to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ, submitting to the Word of God as revealed in Holy Scripture, dedicated to Changing Lives for God in Christ.

Core Values

As "A Holy Place to Be" we welcome all the children of God and embrace the leading of the Holy Spirit to deepen personal relationships with Jesus Christ through:

WORSHIP: Knowing and loving God through worship in traditional and contemporary Anglican Episcopal liturgy and music.

DISCIPLESHIP: Transforming people into disciples of Jesus Christ through prayer, teaching and study of the Bible.

FELLOWSHIP: Building relationships through fellowship, the breaking of bread and engaging in ministry together.

FAMILIES: Providing a place of worship and training that strengthens our families, children and youth.

GIVING: Being generous, cheerful, and sacrificial givers to the local and world-wide ministries of His Church.

COMMUNITY: Engaging and serving our broader community through the use of our resources and facilitites.

At St. John the Divine, we strongly encourage attendees to become members of our church family. We recognize each person or family needs to spend time prayerfully considering if a church is right for them. We hope you find this to be a place where you are spiritually fed, and will commit to being part of this fellowship of believers.

The Avenues Toward Membership
There are three ways to become a member
+ by transfer of membership, if you belong to another Episcopal Church 
+ by being received or confirmed into the Episcopal church, if you belong to another Christian denomination 
+ by baptism followed by confirmation

For more information on becoming a member of St. John the Divine, contact Kim Jameson, Director of Membership Development, at