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Life-Changing Moments

The mission statement of St. John the Divine is "Changing Lives for God in Christ." Over and over in the Scriptures we see God at work changing the lives of individuals and of nations. He does that in us and He does that through us.

The stories below are from your friends, family, or maybe a parishioner you haven't met yet.  It is their story of a life changed in a powerful, personal way.  What is your story?  Share with us by contacting Marilyn Gore,  .

Come and Worship: Janet Russell
Come and Pray: Shirley Burgher
Come and See: Katherine Dupere & Drew Reynolds
My Changed Life: George Bement
My Changed Life: David Russell
My Changed Life: Hugh Potter (as told by Joan Hazelhurst)
My Changed Life: Pat Berry
My Changed Life: Cindy Bailey