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We celebrate the newest members of God’s Church at
                                                               St. John the Divine.

                                                               Baptism classes are conducted periodically through-
                                                               out the year. To sign up for 2017 Baptism classes and
                                                               services, contact Sally Lehmberg, 713.354.2220,

                 January                John Tillman Newman    Camille Marie O’Neal   Charlotte Grace Miller
                 Conway Wilson Pieratt  William Clark Jones    May                    Stefano Douglas Fusi
                 Danielle Victoria Gilliam  Grace Cooley Fraser  Eloise Frances Wiegand   Lorelei McKenzie Rivas
                 Michelle Rebecca Rosson  India Olivia Persia                         Britain Audrey Hanson
                                                               John “Jack” Roscoe Zorich  Victoria Lee Price
                 February               April                  Hannah McKinley Marks  Amanda Lee Dodds Price
                 Georgia Quinn Tomson   Caroline Emily Pressler   Joseph Augustus Doherty
                 Lou Pendleton Harbin   Hayden Terrell Dossett  Amelia Blake Heins    July
                 Alexander Yturria Cammuso  Olivia Lauren Starzec  June               Jacob David Meier
                 Owen William Taber     Lois Wesley Stuckenberg  Patrick Fields Drumm   Liv Jubilee Miller
                 Hugh Edward Lake       Taylor Elyse Galey     Gabriel Keith Yarbrough
                                        Benjamin James Butler
                 March                  Raymond Harris Blair   Keith Lee Yarbrough
                 Lauren Elizabeth Hilsher                      James Murray Shepherd
                                        Benjamin Huckaby O’Neal

                 WEDDINGS                                      NECROLOGY

                 Interested in getting married at St. John the Divine?   Give rest, O Christ, to thy servants with thy saints,
                 Contact Sally Lehmberg, 713.354.2220,         where sorrow and pain are no more, neither sighing, but
                                   life everlasting. — Book of Common Prayer, page 483

                 January                                       January                Mary Martha Anderson
                 Caroline Conway & Stephen Lipscomb            David Picton Craig     Jane Peden Stewart
                                                               Henry Hawthorne Harrison, Jr.
                 February                                                             May
                                                               Thomas Hugh Weed
                 Paige Hansen & David Keipper                                         Kenneth Anthony Kangieser
                                                               Charles Aubrey LeMaistre
                 Amanda Kroll & Thomas T. (Tal) Hutcheson, Jr.                        Walter "Derby" Wilson
                                                               February               Artie Lee Hinds
                 March                                                                Donald Wallance Pranke, MD
                 Caroline Farish & John Sievers                Frank Constant Nelms
                 Langley Meek & John Wall, Jr.                 March                  June
                                                               William Bundy Shouse   Nina Nelms Lyons
                                                               Kathryn Gaffney Neuhaus  Jack Dalton Kinard
                 Alexandra “Ali” Farish & John Guill
                                                                                      Wyatt H. Heard
                                                               April                  Nancy Fowler Atwood
                                                               Joseph Ishwor Bement

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