Page 6 - The Vine - Summer 2017
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        On May 14, youth and adults from our parish were confi rmed, received, and reaffi rmed including our director of student ministries, Dan
        Gannon. Check out the full list of youth confi rmands below.


        Ellie Wright Alban    Chloe Jane Butler    Jacob Robert Giesler  James Patrick Loftis   Winifred James Tardy
        Andrew Peter Anton    George Tinsley Caldwell  William Quayle Hall  Margaux McReynolds Marinelli  Larsen Elise Weber
        Thomas Elliott Anton  Staton McCrae Childers  Lucy Rivers Howley  William Buxton Mathis  Piper Lynne Willinger
        Duncan Stuart Barnes  Katina Maria Christensen  Elisabeth Astrid Jackson  William Chase Mitchell  Samuel Woodside Wingate
        Hannah Mary Block     Rimmele Lomas Crady  Fleming Octavia Kelliher  Caton Alice Murry  Sophia Barrett Young
        Jason A. Boué         Charlotte Kelly Curtin  Tyler Dockery Kennedy  Caroline Emily Pressler  Helen Margaret Young
        Gunnar William Brown  Max Christopher Finkelstein  Zachary Marker Lawyer  William Japhet Scotty
        Owen Dennis Butler    Hill Hudson Gage     Caroline Campbell Lee  Zachary Stowers Smith

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