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Page 5 - The Vine - Summer 2017
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Strategy teams of vestry and lay leadership

                                  spent the next year creating a high level

                                  framework of these key strategies
                                  blueprints for the next 5-10 years.

                     In February 2017, we began working with a consultant group to turn

                     those blueprints ito an actionable plan. They’ve been doing the following:

                     •  Large group visioning and knowledge transfer (sta+vestry)

 After our 75th Anniversary,   We asked our community to
 to discern God’s continued call  Imagn
 C E L E B R A T I N G  •  Individual ministry meetings with the consultant to determine
 we entered a season of listening
 1939  2014              current status and future needs
 for St. John the Divine.   what God’s best might be.
 7 5   Y E A R S     •  Top church leadership strategy meetings
                     •  Formation of sta strategy teams

                     •                Combined sessions with sta and vestry strategy teams

 God spoke through  From these inputs we found guiding purposes:                    to transfer knowledge and input
 over 450 inputs

                     Moving forward,

                     your vestry will                                   Your clergy and sta will then
 Transform  Equip  Mobilize  review the                                 determine what needs to occur

 Lives  People  Everyone
                     consultant's report                                in 2018 to begin to make our

                     and begin to chart                                 collective imagination a reality.
                     a path forward.
 and some key strategies

 •  Equipping people for lives of unceasing prayer and vibrant worship
                   This fall, your church hopes to turn process to plan; imagination to reality.

                       We can’t wait to share with you God’s future for St. John the Divine.

                    For, as promised in Ephesians, it truly is more than we can ask or imagine.
 •  Teaching the scripture to all

 •  Responding to and providing for the needs of families of all types
 •  Challenging everyone to find their purpose   You can experience two ways we are already living God’s future today:

     and to live their faith in the world
                                                                      Come to the Taste of the Summit
                     Visit the all new, and
                                                                      at 10 am today in the Hall Life
                     experience new tools for our
 This is not new! These things have been part of our DNA              Center: a preview of the Global
                     community on our brand new
 since our founding. God is not calling St. John the Divine to the new,   Leadership Summit coming
                     fully responsive website.
 but is calling us to reach deeper and grow broader.                  here August 10-11.
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