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                                                        Summer 2017

                                                        04    IMAGINATION TO REALITY UPDATE
                                                             Who We Are — Where We're Going

                                                        06   FAMILY & FRIENDS
                                                             New Members, Baptisms, Weddings, and Necrology

                                                        09    MEMORIALS
                                                             Gifts given in remembrance

                                                        10   SPOTLIGHT: MEET LOUISE SAMUELSON
                                                             Learn more about our new curate plus check out an
                                     10                 13   MOBILIZE: CALLED TO SERVE
                                                             Ordination FAQ by the Rev. Matt Marino

                                                             by Harvin Moore

                                                        14    LEND A HAND
                                                             Find your SHAPE and learn about one of our mission partners

                                                        16   TRANSFORM: WONDERFULLY MADE
                                                             St. John the Divine's special needs ministry reaches farther
                                                             than its classroom
                                      16                18   EQUIP: GROWTH THROUGH MENTORSHIP

                                                             A mentor and mentee refl ect on how their relationship
                                                             changed them
                                                        20    WHAT'S HAPPENING
                                                             Don't miss a minute with your SJD family!

                                                        22   AROUND THE PARISH
                                                             Four pages of St. John the Divine photographic goodness!

                                                        26    THE BOOKSTORE
                                                             The Favored Box

                                                        ABOUT THIS NEWSLETTER

                                                        This newsletter is printed quarterly and is comprised of articles written
                                                        by staff, members, and friends of St. John the Divine. If you have a
                                     18                “Spotlight” story, “Family & Friends” announcement (Baptism, Birth,

                                                        Death, Wedding, New Member, Memorial), or photos that you would
                                                        like to submit, please email Andrea Meier at
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