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Page 27 - The Vine - Summer 2017
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Everyone has

                  Fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content from
          a world-class faculty ready to be experienced at St. John the Divine

                                        2017 FACULTY

            BILL          SHERYL          MARCUS           BRYAN            JULIET         MARCUS            SAM
          HYBELS         SANDBERG       BUCKINGHAM       STEVENSON          FUNT           LEMONIS         ADEYEMI
       Founder & Senior   Chief Operating   Best-selling Author;  Founder & Executive   CEO, Whitespace   Star of CNBC’s   Founder & Senior
                                                                                        Star of CNBC’s The The
      Pastor, Willow Creek   Offi  cer, Facebook  Founder, The Marcus   Director, Equal   at Work  Profi t; CEO of Camping  t; CEO of Camping   Pastor, Daystar
      Community Church                Buckingham Company  Justice Initiative           World and Good Sam  Christian Centre
                                                                                       World and Good Sam
                                                                                                            in Nigeria

                  LASZLO         IMMACULÉE          GARY           ANGELA          FREDRIK           ANDY
                   BOCK          ILIBAGIZA        HAUGEN         DUCKWORTH          HÄRÉN          STANLEY
                Senior Advisor,   Advocate for Peace   Founder & CEO,  Professor, University   Author; Business  Leadership Author;
               Google; Best-selling   and Forgiveness;   International   of Pennsylvania;  Creativity Expert  Communicator;
                   Author      Best-selling Author  Justice Mission  Best-selling Author             Pastor

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