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Page 26 - The Vine - Summer 2017
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                                                                              The Bookstore! Remember we offer free
                                                                              gift wrap on all non-clearance items.

               The Favored Box

               FAVORED \'fa-v rd\ ADJ:


               What's the buzz about The Favored Box? The Favored
               Box is a curated collection of items with a specifi c theme
               intended to bless, inspire, encourage and delight,
               carefully packaged in a mailable box. The presentation
               is designed to appeal to several senses at once. Included
               in every box is a memory verse printed on a card to keep
               or share, plus several specifi c books and gifts related to
               the current theme. The fi rst two themes were Prayer, and
               Mother's Day. Future themes include The Path, Fruit of the
               Spirit, God's Healing Love, a college care box, and many
               more. With so many themes available, there's sure to be a
               box for everyone. Stop by The Bookstore for a closer look,
               or call us! We would be happy to mail one for you. Who
               would you like to bless, inspire, encourage, and delight?
                                                                      Scripture card insert for the Mother's
                                                                      Day Favored Box.

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