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Page 21 - The Vine - Summer 2017
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Vacation Bible                                     Summer Family
                                 School                                             Midweek: Fiesta
                                 Jul 31 – Aug 3
                                                                                    Aug 16 (Wed) 6 pm
                                 (Mon – Thurs) Thurs)
                                 9:30 am – 12:3The best week of your                in Sumners Hall
                                 child's summer will be           Save the date for the fi nal fi esta of the summer!
               Vacation Bible School at St. John the Divine. This   Enjoy Bingo with your church family in Sumners
               year, accept the mission to join Mission Unstop-   Hall complete with awesome prizes for all ages.
               pable, where kids choose to accept the greatest
               assignment ever! Sign up at           Free fi esta-themed dinner while it lasts! All are
                                                                  invited! Email

                                  The Ordination of                                  Welcome the Rev.
                                  Louise and Frank                                   Charlie Holt
                                  Samuelson                                          Aug 27 (Sun)

                                  Aug 5 (Sat) 10:30 am                               We are so excited to wel-
                                  in the Church
                                                                                     come the newest member
               Your prayers and presence are requested as our     of our clergy team, the Rev. Charlie Holt, on
               curate, the Rev. Louise Samuelson, and her hus-    Aug 27 (Sun). Charlie will join us as associate
               band, the Rev. Frank Samuelson are ordained        rector and will focus his efforts on resourcing
               into the priesthood. Childcare available. Recep-   and equipping the church to develop strong
               tion follows in Sumners Hall.                      faith, ministry ability, and leadership capital
                                                                  throughout the parish.

                                  Blessing of the                                   The Core
                                  Backpacks                                         Begins Sept 10 (Wed)

                                  Aug 6 (Sun)                                       The Core is a three-year

                                  All students are invited to                       course of study to help
                                  bring their backpacks to                          deepen your faith. Classes
                                  services on Aug 6 (Sun).        will have a learning community element
               The backpacks will be blessed and spe-             enabling groups to process together and learn
               cial blessing tags will be available. Contact      from each other. In addition, we will host
               Deanna Lawson,                                     guest lecturers over the three years to further
                                        enrich the learning experience. The classes will
                                                                  also be available for distance learners via pod-
                                                                  cast and live stream. Visit to sign
                                                                  up or email

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