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"Our goal in Wonderfully Made is to welcome anyone
        who comes among us be they age 2 or 62, and to
        support them as they join in the life of our church

        according to their own abilities and desires."

        student goes alone, the other with a   starts in a Sunday school class that wel-
        buddy’s support. They love to get there   comes someone among them who they
        in time for all the music! Back in the   know is a little “different”, and it spreads
        classroom we spend one-on-one time   to create a more inclusive church and,
        with a student or two. We enjoy music   eventually, a more inclusive community as
        together. There are many instruments   all encounter and embrace differences.
        in our class, and we have a guitarist to   Our classroom is ever evolving, and we
        lead us in a sing along. We might work
        puzzles, color pictures, arrange fl owers   strive to be a place for any and all: a hub
                                             to come and go from according to each
        (a class favorite), or build with blocks.   unique need. We are always thrilled to
        Sometimes we also go outside for a   welcome new students so if you know
        bit — for one of our students there is
        nothing better than a game of catch.   of any who you think could fi nd a place
                                             among us then please invite them! And
        Our goal in Wonderfully Made is to wel-  if you fi nd yourself wanting to take part
        come anyone who comes among us be    in this inclusive transformation we need
        they age 2 or 62, and to support them as   hands and we welcome yours!
        they join in the life of our church accord-                             2:52
                                             Interested in volunteering for W
        ing to their own abilities and desires. This   Interested in volunteering for Wonderfully onderfully   Sunday
        might mean remaining in one welcoming,   Made? Email Email  school
        calm classroom for the morning with
        loving teachers and engaging materials,
        or it might mean having a buddy and
        heading out into other church offerings.
        I am thrilled when our students want to
        be and are able to be included in these   Awesome                                                    Youth
        offerings. We work to equip them for                                                                Sunday
        these experiences with teaching and sup-  Worship                                                    school
        port and through these experiences we
        see them, their buddies, and their peers                       Wonderfully Made
        transformed. When they are welcomed                                  Classroom
        and supported, we see the growth of
        confi dence, friendship, acceptance, and
        compassion in them and their peers. It

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                                                            Church                             Life Center
                                                           Worship                               Worship
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