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Page 16 - The Vine - Summer 2017
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        Wonderfully Made

         by Brooke Nyberg, director of Wonderfully Made

        The Wonderfully Made class explores their butterfl y garden on Sunday morning.

         It’s 10:20 am on Sunday morning, do   Park and the 2:52 Basics class where his   season’s color, a cross, a Bible, and a
        you know where the Wonderfully Made   buddy meets him in the classroom for a   lit candle. We remember Jesus who we
        class is?                            little support settling in. Back upstairs,   learn about in the Bible, and whose pres-
                                             some of our students are getting ready   ence is among us just as the light of our
        Maybe you have walked by the room
                                             to go to the youth room — they look   candle is. We talk about how to pray and
        and wondered or maybe you haven’t
                                             forward to the donuts (just like their   why. We try to recite our memory verse
        given it a thought, but our “class” is as
                                             peers) and they enjoy the lesson. One   on prayer and we pray together. Among
        unique as the students who participate
                                             stays for small group with a little help   us are prayers for friends, for musical
         in it and often that fi nds them out of the
                                             from a buddy (a fellow youth) and    success, for starting a new school or
        classroom. On a typical Sunday some of
                                             another comes back downstairs to us   camp, and for grief in the loss of a
        our students attend Awesome Worship
                                             where we welcome the arrival of another   sister or a friend. We talk and pray over
        right alongside their families and many
                                             student and have our small group prayer   all these things and anything else that
        of you. One of them keeps a script for
                                             time. With students in different places   comes up. We have talked and prayed
        the service on hand to track with every
                                             curriculum can be a challenge given that   about loneliness, sickness, fear, and
         line and have some visual support. After
                                             they are also getting a lesson in Awe-  death. We have celebrated family, trips,
        the service he comes to check in to
                                             some Worship, The Park, Youth Group,   friendships, school success, and our own
        the classroom where we talk about the
                                             the Church, or the Hall Life Center. But   little community of Wonderfully Made.
         lesson he heard in the service while
                                             the liturgy and prayer bind us together   At 11 am we say goodbye to some
        coloring together and await the arrival
                                             no matter the scripture lesson so in the   students — one is headed to lunch and
        of a few other students. Another student
                                             Wonderfully Made class we focus on   two others are off to the Hall Life Center
         leaves Awesome and heads down to The
                                             that. We set our prayer table with the   for the   am Contemporary Service. One

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