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Page 12 - The Vine - Summer 2017
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                 Everything you always wanted to know about an ordination
                 by the Rev. Matt Marino

                 WHAT IS A PRIEST?                           necessary to salvation. They will place
                 In their ordination Louise and Frank        themselves under the authority of and
                 Samuelson will be set apart for lives of    allow themselves to be changed by God at
                 service to God. As priests they will pray,   the hands of a bishop who stands in the
                 offer the Sacraments, preach, declare God’s   long line of those who have been touched
                 pardon, and bless and console. In short, a   by the original twelve apostles Jesus
                 priest is to point the people to our Great   touched 2000 years ago.
                 High Priest, Jesus Christ (Hebrews 4:14-5:4,   WHAT HAPPENS IN AN ORDINATION?
                 10:11-12).                                  The Episcopal Church ordains every priest
                 HOW DOES ONE BECOME A PRIEST?               a deacon fi rst. The role of a deacon is to
                 In the Episcopal Church our clergy neither   serve, so that every priest remembers
                 self-select nor self-anoint. We ordain those   their fi rst calling is to serve. The Episcopal
                 whom we believe have been called by         Church then holds a second ordination
                 God in a process that is quite involved.    in which it sets its clergy apart as priests.
                 Persons are identifi ed by their diocese in a   We will present the candidates, pray over
                 process of vocational discernment, trained   them, and ask God to set them apart as
                 according to the scriptures and the canons   priests in God’s one, holy, catholic, and
                 of the church, affi rmed by a congregation,   apostolic church. The bishop will then
                 and duly ordained by a bishop. This         lay hands on them and present symbols
                 process usually takes somewhere in the      of their ministry  As a church we believe
                 neighborhood of fi ve years.                 in scripture and sacrament — that God is
                                                             revealed through the Word of God, and
                                                             is also tangibly present in the symbols
                 In their ordination vows they will pledge   of the faith: like water, wine, bread. We
                 to be loyal to the doctrine, discipline     don’t know how this sacramental presence
                 and worship of Christ as this church        works exactly, but I can tell you that one
                 has received them, and affi rm that they     walks away from a sacramental ordination
                 believe the Old and New Testament to        different…changed.
                 be the Word of God, containing all things

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