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“  I thought, 'I don't know how I'm going to live, but

        I'm going to spend the rest of my days serving God.'                ”

        experiencing. When you're a missionary   in prayer ministry and became a trained   from you, and I will be becoming the
        in a foreign country, it's a really uncom-  spiritual director. She also started   priest I'm meant to be through my time
        fortable place to fi nd yourself. I met up   exploring her long-time dream of being   here,” she explains. “I feel like the last
        with some other missionaries that were   a priest.                        three years have been academic. I have
        having some of the same struggles and                                     been studying the liturgy, and I feel like
                                            “I told somebody that I wanted to be an
        some of the same fears and doubts. For                                    I got a really good formation in sem-
                                             Episcopal priest, when I was 13. They
        some reason, which I can only attribute                                   inary for that. Before that, it was the
                                             said, ‘There's no women that do that.’
        to the Holy Spirit, we all decided that                                   contemplative piece, and before that,
                                             [I said] ‘Well, I'll be the fi rst!’ But then
        the best way to walk through this was to                                  evangelical [with Cru]. I feel like St. John
                                             when I got to A&M I learned you can be
        start doing Lectio Divina together.”                                      the Divine is a really cool place for me to
                                             a lay person, and you can be a mis-
                                                                                  integrate those things. That's something
        Lectio Divina is a contemplative practice   sionary. You don't have to be a priest. I
                                                                                  I'm looking forward to, because I feel
        that involves prayerfully reading and   explored all that, but it was always in
                                                                                  like it's all part of me, and who I am, and
        refl ecting on small portions of scripture.   the back of my mind. When we came
                                                                                  what I bring. I know it's all ways of con-
        Silent contemplation was a new, and   back, it just seemed like it was time. I
                                                                                  necting deeply with God, which is what
        at fi rst uncomfortable, experience for   started exploring and doors just started
                                                                                  I want to do and what I want to invite
        Louise. “I had always been a Christian   opening."
                                                                                  others into doing.”
        that had a very diffi cult time having a
                                             Louise and Frank both graduated from
        quiet time,” she remembers. “I could
                                             Seminary of the Southwest this June
        never get up and do that. I felt like a                                    Your prayers and presence are requested
                                             and will be ordained together here at
        failure when it came to prayer. And it                                     at the ordination of the Revs. Louise and
                                             St. John the Divine on August 4. Frank
        started happening that I couldn't wait to                                  Frank Samuelson on Saturday, August 5 at
                                             will do his curacy with Trinity Church in
        get up in the morning to have my Lectio                                    10 am in the Church. Reception follows in
                                             the Woodlands. The couple just moved
        time. I felt very connected to the Lord                                    Sumners Hall.
                                             into an apartment in the Heights. They
        during that time. I'd do one Psalm a
                                             have three adult children: Martha (21) is
        month. And I'd do like two words a day
                                             studying accounting at Austin Commu-
        that I would meditate on. So everything
                                             nity College; Eric (25) and Peter (28) live
        just slowed down and I found my faith
                                             and work in Tampa, FL.
        again through that.”
                                             Louise is looking forward to bringing all
        Louise and Frank returned to Orlando
                                             her experiences together as a new priest
        with their three children where Louise
                                             at St. John the Divine. “I'll be learning
        worked with Cru for another 12 years
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