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        meet Louise Samuelson by Marilyn Gore
        On July 2, we welcomed Louise Samuelson, a recent seminary graduate, to St. John the Divine for a two-year curacy.
        A curate is a newly-ordained priest that is placed and subsidized by the diocese, who serves as clergy while receiving
        additional training and mentoring.

        Growing up Episcopalian in Victoria,
        Texas, Louise Samuelson always had
        an awareness of God. She fi rst found
        a personal relationship with Christ at
        13 during a Faith Alive weekend at her
        church. “I gave my life to Christ and it
        was a very, very real experience for me,”
        she recalls. “I knew that my life was
        She stayed involved in Faith Alive
        throughout high school, and rededi-
        cated her life to God at summer camp
        in her senior year. “I came home and I
        told my best friend. We were going to
        be roommates at [Texas] A&M. We were
        committed, as soon as we got to college,
        to fi nding a way to be in a Bible study
        and all of that.” While she was backpack-
        ing in Europe after graduation, her friend
        was killed. “That was a real turning point
        in my spiritual life,” she says. “I thought
        ‘I don’t know how long I’m going to live,
        but I’m going to spend the rest of my
        days serving God.’”
        Louise connected with Campus Crusade
                                             Our new curate, the Rev. Louise Samuelson with her husband, the Rev. Frank Samuelson.
        (Cru) and met her husband-to-be, Frank,
        at A&M. During a summer mission trip   next 15 years with Cru. Louise worked   “I was teaching things that I had stopped
        to Swaziland she fell in love with Africa.   with university students, trained future   believing,” she recalls. “I felt very lost.
        She worked for two years in Dallas as a   full-time Cru staff, and started a wom-  And I was afraid that there was no one
        biomedical engineer, then she and Frank   en’s spiritual formation ministry, but   I could tell that would understand
        returned to Kenya where they spent the   found herself facing a crisis of faith.  those kinds of deep doubts that I was

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