Page 7 - Daily Devotions for Individuals and Families
P. 7

Feel free to use any of the canticles,
        prayers, creed or confession in the back of this
        booklet (beginning on page 12) for a change of
        pace throughout the season of Lent.
        Prayers may be offered for ourselves and others.

        The Lord’s Prayer

        The Collect

        Blessed Savior, at this hour you hung upon
        the cross, stretching out your loving arms:
        Grant that all the peoples of the earth may
        look to you and be saved; for your mercies’
        sake. Amen.
        or this

        Lord Jesus Christ, you said to your apostles,
        “Peace I give to you; my own peace I leave
        with you:”  Regard not our sins, but the faith
        of your Church, and give to us the peace
        and unity of that heavenly City, where with
        the Father and the Holy Spirit you live and
        reign, now and for ever. Amen.
        Additional collects may be found in the back of
        this book beginning on page 15.

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