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Page 17 - 2017 Advent Guide
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        Draw or cut out a large heart and place it somewhere special in
        your home. Look for things that bring joy to your heart this week,
        and when you notice them, write or draw them onto the heart.
        Older family members may want to have a family group text titled
        #goodnewsofgreatjoy to share instances of joy with one another. As a
        family, take some time during a meal together to share all of your joy.

        Daily Bible Readings

        Monday                                        Thursday
        John the Witness                              Joseph and Mary
        John 1:6-8                                    Matthew 1:24-25

        Tuesday                                       Friday
        The Testimony of John the Baptist             The Birth
        John 1:19-28                                  Luke 2:1-7

        Conceived by The Holy Spirit
        Matthew 1:18-23

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