Page 15 - 2017 Advent Guide






Page 15 - 2017 Advent Guide
P. 15

CONNECT                                             PRAY

        Talk about a time you have been in a crowed            Thank God for everything. Thank him for every
        place. How did it limit what you could do?             good and perfect gift. Let God know that you
                                                               want to make room in your heart for the Holy
        If you have a crowded heart, it can limit you.         Spirit. Ask him to fi ll you with his joy and peace
        The Bible tells us how to make room in our             this Advent.
        hearts for the Holy Spirit by being joyful,
        praying always, and giving thanks.

        Ask each other: Who or what brings you joy?

        As a family, plan to pray three other times
        outside of mealtime and bedtime, like when
        you brush your teeth, get the mail, or leave
        for school.

        Let each person answer: What are three things
        for which you are thankful?

        Discuss with each other how you can you make
        more room for God in your family life.
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