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Page 14 - 2017 Advent Guide
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                    Third                    Sunday of Advent

               “God is the God who gives Peace.”  — 1 Thessalonians 5:23


               Living life with God means that we are           16  Always be joyful.  Never stop praying.
               able to experience joy even though we            18  Give thanks no matter what happens.
               may be sad or afraid. “Let every heart           God wants you to thank him because
               prepare him room” is a line from the             you believe in Christ Jesus.
               famous Christmas carol, “Joy to the              19
               World.” Jesus sends his spirit into our            Don’t try to stop what the Holy Spirit
                                                                         . 20
               hearts, but it is up to us to make room          is doing.    Don’t treat prophecies as if
               for him. How do we do this? Be joyful,           they weren’t important.   But test all
               keep praying, and give thanks in all             prophecies. Hold on to what is good.
               circumstances. The Holy Spirit is like a           Say no to every kind of evil.
               fi re that gives warmth and light. Allow          23  God is the God who gives peace. May
               the fullness of the Spirit’s presence to be      he make you holy through and through.
               with you, bringing you joy and giving            May your whole spirit, soul and body
               you peace.                                       be kept free from blame. May you be

                                                                without blame from now until our Lord
               Light the pink Advent candle                     Jesus Christ comes.  The God who has
               and read together                                chosen you is faithful. He will do all

               1 Thessalonians 5:16-24.                         these things.

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