Page 11 - 2017 Advent Guide






Page 11 - 2017 Advent Guide
P. 11

CONNECT                                             PRAY

        Ask one another what is the dirtiest you have          Thank God for being close to us now. Thank
        ever been? How did it happen? What did it              him for his presence in our hearts though his
        take for you to get clean again?                       Spirit. Pray for one another and others who are
                                                               sad or lonely. Ask God to refresh us with Living
        Tell about a time when you were tired and
        really needed something to drink. Did it               Water – his Holy Spirit. Pray to be loving with
        refresh you?                                           another and in the world.

        In the Bible passage, how was John the Baptist
        di erent from others in how he dressed, what
        he ate, and his work?

        How does John say his baptism is di erent from
        the baptism of the one who is coming?
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