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Page 10 - 2017 Advent Guide
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             Second Sunday of Advent

               “The Holy Spirit gave us new life.”  — Titus 3:5b


               God’s love for us is immeasurable and            3  “A messenger is calling out in the
               sometimes unimaginable. He loved                 desert, ’Prepare the way for the Lord.
               us so much that he gave us new life              Make straight paths for him.’ ”
               through our baptism by the Holy Spirit.          4
               In Advent, we focus on preparation. John          And so John the Baptist appeared in the
               the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus by        desert. He preached that people should
               baptizing people with water. He said,            be baptized and turn away from their
               “I baptize you with water. But he will           sins. Then God would forgive them.
               baptize you with the Holy Spirit.” (Mark          All the people from the countryside of
               1:8) The Holy Spirit purifi es our hearts         Judea went out to him. All the people
               and refreshes us from the inside.  We are        from Jerusalem went too. When they
               given new life in Christ allowing us to          admitted they had sinned, John baptized
               love others.                                     them in the Jordan River.   John wore
                                                                clothes made out of camel’s hair. He had

               Light the second purple Advent                   a leather belt around his waist. And he
               candle and read together                         ate locusts and wild honey.   Here is what
                                                                John was preaching. “After me, there is
               Mark 1:1-8.                                      someone coming who is more powerful

                                                                than I am. I’m not good enough to bend
               1  This is the beginning of the good news        down and untie his sandals.   I baptize
               about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God.         you with water. But he will baptize you
               2  Long ago Isaiah the prophet wrote, “I         with the Holy Spirit.”
               will send my messenger ahead of you.
     10        He will prepare your way.”
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