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Global Leadership Summit

        THE GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT                             What is the Summit?
        Aug 10 – 11 (Thurs – Fri)                                The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day event telecast
                                                                 LIVE  in  HD  annually  from  the  Willow  Creek  campus  near
        One of the audacious strategies that came out of our Imagine
                                                                 Chicago to hundreds of locations in North America. Summit
        process was to raise up generations of servant leaders for
                                                                 events occur worldwide in 125 countries and 59 languages.
        Houston,  the  diocese,  and  the  Church.  This  is  a  strategy  we
                                                                 It is designed for everyone who has committed to leading
        hope to amplify in the future, and something were ready
                                                                 a life of impact. St. John the Divine is a premiere host site,
        to lean into today. The Global Leadership Summit is today’s
                                                                 and the only 2017 host site within Houston’s inner loop.
        opportunity to grow our leadership potential … because we’re
        called to change the world.

                                                Everyone has

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