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              04  SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!                   10  STUDENTS

              06  CHURCH FAMILY HAPPENINGS                  11  YOUNG PROFESSIONALS

              07  GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT                  12 SUMMER STUDIES & CLASSES

              08  VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL                     13  SERVE

              09  MOM TO MOM                                14  TOOLS TO STAY IN TOUCH

             Our Purposes                             Over the last two years you may have seen the words

                                                      transform, equip, and mobilize in our materials and around
                                                      our campus.
                        TRANSFORM LIVES
                                                      You may have thought, “That’s nice, but what does that
                                                      really mean?” In this book, we’ll point out examples of

                   EQUIP PEOPLE                       what transform, equip, and mobilize look like with the
                                                      icons to the left so you can see how we are already living
                                                      into God’s future.

                        MOBILIZE EVERYONE
                                                      Because in truth, we always have been.
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