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Tools to Stay in Touch

        NEW TOOLS FOR OUR COMMUNITY GO LIVE JUNE 1!              Did you know that you can keep up with sermons, and
        St. John the Diviners, rejoice! Our long-awaited, new digital   teachings, and give online from the Hill Country, Colorado,
        presence is coming this June. The all-new features a   or even France?!
        clean, modern design and easy-to-read content that displays is your ticket to staying in touch with your church
        beautifully on any device. Our new look has been months in   family, and keeping that generostiy from going on vacation.
        the making and we couldn’t be happier to unveil it!      Questions about giving? Email jskeffi
        St. John the Divine is committed to serving our community with
        teaching, outreach, and worship that equips people to serve
        God and each other. That’s why we’ve just launched a brand               THIS IS WHAT
        new, mobile-responsive website full of helpful tools to make             EQUIP
        it easier than ever to engage with the church, fi nd enriching            LOOKS LIKE!
        messages, and get helpful information quickly. Whether
        you’re watching videos on your computer or searching for
        information on your phone, you’re covered. The new website
        is ready to help you fi nd what you need on any device.

        The new has been created from the ground up to do
        one thing and one thing only: to serve you. It’s packed full
        of new tools and new features to explore. Head on over to today!

        The new website is made possible by a generous grant from the
        St. John the Divine Memorial Endowment Fund.

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