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December 3  was our 77  birthday. On December 3, 1939, the Rev. Thomas W. Sumners led
                 our fi rst worship service at River Oaks Elementary School with 125 in attendance. From that
                  humble beginning, St. John the Divine has grown into a world-changing church. We’ve experi-
                 enced vibrant worship, held Sunday school for all ages, prayed, and invited neighbors to come
                 and see. We’ve served our community, gone on missions to the ends of the earth, and been a
                  faithful orthodox witness to our diocese.

                 God has used this church mightily, but he’s not done yet. There is still more that God is calling
                 us to do. His “best” will clearly build on what he has already done. All of that can be captured in
                 three guiding purposes. Going forward these will focus our energy and resources to profoundly
                 touch even more lives. Those three purposes are:

                     Transform lives by connecting them more deeply to Jesus.
                     Equip people in practical, holistic ways to live their faith in the world.
                     Mobilize everyone to serve others and change the world.

                  In 2017 we will continue offering many of the same programs we offer today. In addition, we
                 will fi nd ways to engage more people into these purposes. In the spring we will focus on per-
                 sonal and corporate prayer. In the fall we will expand our education offerings with an in-depth
                 three-year curriculum that can equip people to live their faith out in all they do.


                  The Rev. Dr. Clay A. Lein, rector

                 Look for a guide to 2017 in your mailboxes
                 and inboxes in the next few weeks!

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