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            Entersect, “where life and art meet,” is an extension of the music and   Winter 2016
            worship ministry of The Church of St. John the Divine, providing
            opportunities for all to encounter the Divine through the trans -
            formative power of the arts.
            Through excellence in concert presentations, teaching, and partner programs with other organizations, our work embraces the
            audacious strategies of St. John the Divine: equipping  people for lives of unceasing prayer and vibrant worship, developing
            exceptional ministries that change lives for God in Christ, and becoming  a world-class teaching center.
                                                        04    FROM THE RECTOR
            Entersect’s inaugural season features a Christmas Gala with the SJD Chorale, Houston Boychoir, and chamber orchestra. In
            February, we host our first music and worship conference, where leaders from all over the region come to broaden their
            skills and worship together. Regularly scheduled performances by ROCO, our in-house professional chamber orchestra, occur      2017 Builds on 2016's Strong Foundations
            throughout the season. Expanded worship offerings of sung prayer are offered throughout the season, both in the ancient
            Anglican tradition of sung evening prayer (evensong) and the modern Ecumenical tradition of Taizé. Through these key events,
            Entersect reaches across a broad spectrum of the arts with multi-generational audiences.
                                                             by the Rev. Dr. Clay Lein
               The arts are God’s gift to us, and it is through their unique power that we are able to glimpse the Divine.
                 The psalmist says it best: “O Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness…” (Psalm 96:9a).
                                                        06   FAMILY & FRIENDS
                                                             Baptisms, Weddings, New Members, and Memorials
                                            Non-Profit Org
                                            US Postage
                                            Houston, TX
          2450 River Oaks Blvd.  •  Houston, TX 77019  Permit #7480
                                                        10   TRANSFORM: AGAPE DEVELOPMENT
                                                             by the Rev. Greg Buffone
                                     10                 14    LEND A HAND

                                                             Shop the Christmas Giving Market
                                                        16   EQUIP: ENTERSECT
                                                             Learn about St. John the Divine's new arts series

                                                        20   MOBILIZE: OUR CHURCH FAMILY IN PAKISTAN
                                                             by the Rev. Jan Dantone

                                      16                22    WHAT'S HAPPENING

                                                             Don't miss a minute with your SJD family this winter
                                                        24   AROUND THE PARISH
                                                             See who the St. John the Divine paparazzi caught in action
                    HALO                                26    THE BOOKSTORE

                    PROJECT                                  Learn about Halo: the new program The Bookstore launched
                                                             this past August

                                                        27    THE GIFT OF GENEROSITY
                                                             Your guide to year-end giving

                                                        ABOUT THIS NEWSLETTER

                                                        This newsletter is printed quarterly and is comprised of articles written
                                                        by staff, members, and friends of St. John the Divine. If you have a
                                     26                “Spotlight” story, “Family & Friends” announcement (Baptism, Birth,

                                                        Death, Wedding, New Member, Memorial), or photos that you would
                                                        like to submit, please email Andrea Meier at
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