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in solidarity with Pakistani brothers and sisters, and to be the   church family, brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.
        voice that cries for justice when our family in Pakistan cannot.   Let us give thanks to Almighty God for all the family he brings
        We cry for justice when we speak publicly about atrocities   to us. And especially for the family who needs our solidarity
        like the September 2013 bombing of All Saints Cathedral   the most, our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Peshawar,
        in Peshawar, which killed ninety-nine Christians shortly   Pakistan.
        after worship. We cry for justice when we acknowledge the   You can give back to one our mission partners in Pakistan by shopping
        persecution which our Christians brothers and sisters endure,   in this year's Christmas Giving Market. More on page 15.
        simply because they are Christian. We remain in solidarity
        when we donate funds to pay clergy salaries so that our
        Pakistani family has pastors to care for them. And we remain in
        solidarity most strongly when we pray to God, asking him to
        preserve and strengthen and grow these brothers and sisters
        that he has given to us.
        God gave us a great gift when he gave us humans the gift of
        family back in Genesis 2. And he has given SJD a great gift of

                                                                                         This past November, Jan
                                                                                         announced that after ten years
                                                                                         at St. John the Divine, she had
                                                                                         accepted a call to serve as rector
                                                                                         at Church of the Epiphany in
                                                                                         Kingsville, TX. We will miss her.
                                                                                         Her last Sunday with us will be
                                                                                         December 18. We will recognize
                                                                                         her, honor her, and thank her
                                                                                         for her many contributions to St.
                                                                                         John the Divine at a reception
                                                                                         after the 11:00 am services on
                                                                                         that day.
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