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Question: What excites each of you most about Entersect   Entersect?
        as a whole?
                                                               Steve: You know, St. John the Divine has a very broad
        Steve: What excites me is the potential breadth it possesses   culture. High church to very contemporary church to the River
        and the potential for growth, and bringing more people into   Oaks Chamber Orchestra that's in residence here. This church
        the fold.                                               has a heart for teaching and equipping. And that's why I'm
                                                               particularly excited about the worship conference. I particularly
        Zach: I think, as far as the Church is concerned, making
                                                               would like to see more things like that. And it is our intention
        the arts a centerpiece is such a big deal because I think that in
                                                               to be inter-generational and develop experiences for children
        past centuries the Church was the center of the arts, and now
                                                               and youth. But at this point, in this season, the series is in its
        it seems like we've dropped the ball as far as that's concerned.
                                                               nascent stage. We're still discerning God's path for us and
        We still do things with excellence, but making the arts a focal
                                                                how fast he wants us to move in this direction. And we're very
        point of what we do here, making the arts centric to bringing
                                                               prayerful that we will pack the church at Christmas on the
        people to the gospel; it's just a great way to communicate the
                                                               Boulevard, and that we'll have lots of people here at the music
        gospel to our city and the people around us.
                                                               and worship conference. God has blessed with us the wonder-
        Kim: I'm excited about the crossover that reaches so many   ful facility and tools. As we move forward, we remember the
        different people. And I think that any time you have anyone   scripture, "to whom much is given, much is expected."
        who enters a holy place like we have our performances in can't
        help but soak in the experience at another level.
        Question: What else do you want folks to know about                         Interview by Andrea Meier, director of
                                                                                    publications. Edited for length and clarity.

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