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It's an opportunity to bring your neigh-
        bor, to bring your grandparents, bring   "River Oaks Chamber Orchestra is delighted to be
        your best friend or someone who might   a part of the new Entersect series of the arts at St.
        not have a church home to come and
        share this experience the week before   John the Divine!" — Alecia Lawyer, River Oaks Chamber Orchestra
        Christmas. And then invite them back for   the guy we know with the guitar. And   Church. Austin Stone is known for
        Christmas Eve.
                                             contemporary worship ends up being   developing worship leaders. Their whole
        Question: And this is a come and     the red-headed stepchild of the Episco-  purpose is to provide resources that can
        go thing, right? You could just go to   pal world or in the liturgical world. We   empower and instruct worship leaders
        the concert, just go to the reception, or   know that God can be glorifi ed with all   to be better at what they're trying to
        spend the whole evening with the live   types of musical expression; this is an   accomplish. We're also very excited to
        Nativity.                            opportunity to equip and encourage and   have Jenna Kuykendall lead workshops
                                             empower those folks to go out and lead   in songwriting. Jenna has led the music
        Kim: Absolutely. We will also, for the   Spirit-fi lled worship while also shepherd-  in our Vacation Bible School program for
        fi rst time, have some festive lighting in   ing their congregation. We want these   the last few years, and we love her. We
        the Julia Garden. The animals will be on   leaders to take their congregations to   also have Mark Swayze, a well known
        the north lawn.
                                             another place, instead of just entertain-  worship pastor from Woodlands United
        Question: And what animals do we     ing them. We want to help them be    Methodist Church coming as well as
        have again?                          involved with congregational singing. So   Jefferson Brooks from the Church of the
                                             the contemporary leaders are not just   Incarnation in Dallas. Jefferson Brooks
        Kim: We are welcoming a camel, two   the guy with the guitar, but become   has been working a long time blending
        sheep, a goat, and a donkey.
                                             spiritual leaders to their churches.  modern-contemporary worship music
        Steve: It's important to know that   Question: Do you have any special    into the liturgy and doing sung liturgies
        Entersect is inspired by our audacious   trainers, groups, or teachers coming in   and things of that nature.
        strategies and guiding purposes. Equip-  to lead the weekend?             Question: So there will be a liturgi-
        ping people for lives of unceasing prayer                                 cal component to the weekend.
        and vibrant worship is what has inspired  Zach: We have a lot of people
        us to develop the Worship Leader Week-  coming. I'm really excited. We have the   Zach: That's actually one of our main
        end in 2017.                         Robbie Seay Band coming. Robbie has   focuses — helping folks that are in the
                                             been around for a while. He's now the   liturgical world understand how to blend
        Question: Tell me more about that.
                                             head pastor of Bayou City Church in   contemporary music with a liturgical
        Zach: We started talking bout this   Cypress, and is an especially talented   setting to make a beautiful worship ser-
        a while back. And we just thought it   singer, songwriter, and musician. His   vice. We also have Bishop Greg Brewer
        would be a great opportunity to develop   band has been in the Houston area   from the Diocese of Central Florida who
        contemporary musicians in our diocese   for several years. Having him here is   is very well-known in the worship leader
        and people from the liturgical world.   a huge boost of fuel for the Entersect   world, and in the Episcopal Church
        In all honesty it seems like a lot of the   program. We also have the Brett Land   especially, for being excited about the
        times the worship leader ends up being   Bad from Austin Stone Community   modern worship movement.
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