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        Introducing Entersect

        Entersect, “where life and art meet,” is a new extension of the music and worship ministry of The Church of St.
        John the Divine. We sat down with Steve Newberry and Zach Meeks, two of the musicians involved in Entersect,
         and Kim Jameson, our director of membership, to learn more about this new arts series at St. John the Divine.

        Question: What is Entersect?         important to note that Entersect is   being a crossroads of Houston. We're in
                                             meant to encompass all of the arts. So   the heart of Houston, and we represent
        Steve: Entersect is our fi ne arts min-  this year we're basically packaging some   people from various backgrounds and
         istry at St. John the Divine. It is, "where   of our current offerings while expanding   experiences.
         life and art meet" , and is an extension   the program, such as our Christmas on
        of the ministry of The Church of St. John   the Boulevard event which is new this   Question: So that kind of intersec-
        the Divine, providing opportunities for   year. It combines the talents of our cho-  tion, is that part of what started Christ-
        all to encounter the Divine through the   rale, the Houston Boychoir, and the River   mas on the Boulevard to be what it is?
        transformative power of the arts.    Oaks Chamber Orchestra, which we're   Kim: Christmas on the Boulevard is an

        Question: What inspired you to       pleased to have in residence here.   opportunity for St. John the Divine to
        create Entersect?                    Question: Does the word "Entersect"   open up its doors and welcome those in
                                                                                  our immediate community into fellow-
        Steve: Entersect began with a chal-  have a specifi c meaning?             ship as we celebrate the Advent season.
         lenge from the rector, and the realization   Steve: You know, it was fun going   It's what's considered a "come and
        that we were already offering many   through the branding process. Entersect,   see" event. We will have a live Nativity
        programs, such as our Taizé services,   if you'll look closely at the logo, is spelled   followed by a concert with the Houston
        Evensongs, and Requiems or orchestral   with an E at the beginning, with an I   Boychoir, the St. John the Divine Chorale,
        productions that we do around Easter   embedded within it. The E refers to the   and River Oaks Chamber Orchestra.
        and Christmas. The idea was that church   word enter, inviting one to enter into the   Afterwards, we'll have a reception in
        could take those programs and brand   full experience of the arts. The I refers   Sumners Hall with live jazz music.
        them to reach a broader audience. It's   to St. John the Divine, in many ways,

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