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“  What we saw in Agape was a missional, relational ministry

        focused on transforming one of Houston's most impoverished
        urban communities — one life at a time.             ”

        Church, like Nehemiah, to see and
        respond to the brokenness of our com-
        munity with compassionate and loving
        hearts”. Together, these two ministries
        constitute a holistic and effective team
        that addresses the practical and spiritual
        needs of individuals and families in the
        Third Ward of Houston. (RCC recently
        received a grant from the St. John the
        Divine outreach committee in support of
        their building program.)
        It is noteworthy that Kirk and Amanda, as
        well as David and Melissa Hill, and their
        families, along with Agape staff members
        live in the neighborhood they serve. In
        other words, they are all in. Their commit-
        ment and shared vision is for total trans-
        formation of the community surrounding
        their geographic location within the
        Third Ward: individuals, families, housing
        options, new recreational opportunities
        and facilities, proximate wholesome food
        options, safe streets and playgrounds,
        and so on. The vision is bold and change
        comes all too slowly at times. Kirk Craig
        shared the following: “When I started
        Agape Development 11 years ago, I envi-
        sioned radical transformation in the life
        of my neighbors and our neighborhood.
        And while I am seeing signs of transfor-
        mation, it’s also true that the deepest   SJD's Men's Ministry working on an Agape backyard project last spring.
        changes take the longest, cost the most,   Photos courtesy the Rev. Greg Buffone.
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