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        Transformation: The Mission of Agape Development

         by the Rev. Greg Buffone

        Redemption, reconciliation, transforma-  in Houston’s Third Ward. Agape Develop-  Community Church (RCC) in 2010, and
        tion are words that connote a strong   ment was founded by St. John the Divine   just this year transitioned to the role of
        sense of hope, of possibility. These words   parishioners Kirk and Amanda Craig in   full-time pastor for that congregation.
        also characterize the work of God in the   2005. The primary work of Agape Devel-  The church was founded with a mission
        world and in the lives of anyone who   opment is to prepare people to become   paralleling the Agape mission: to rebuild
        opens their heart to his love and grace.   Christ-following, independent community   individuals, families, and communities.
        Amazingly, God calls those he redeems   leaders who will in turn foster and further   David Hill explains the mission in these
        to become agents of transformation   the work of transformation among their   words: “Restoration Community Church
        themselves.                          family, friends and neighbors.       takes inspiration from the opening pas-
                                                                                  sages of the book of Nehemiah. Upon
        I can think of no better example of heed-  As part of their strategic vision, Agape   hearing that the walls of Jerusalem were
        ing the call and taking on the work of   leadership saw the need for a church   burned down and that the people were
        reconciliation, redemption and transfor-  partner in the neighborhood. David   in great distress, Nehemiah’s heart was
        mation than that seen in Agape Develop-  Hill, then on the Agape staff, began   broken, and he wept. We believe that
        ment and Restoration Community Church   working as the pastor of the Restoration
                                                                                  God has called Restoration Community

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