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Family Ministry equipped over 100 parents through   Confi rmation has evolved from a 5-week class to a
            the Sticky Faith class on Wednesdays, Sundays, and at   weekly gathering that stretches from September to mid-
            the Family Retreat during 2016. Family Ministry also   May. We have 38 people in the class and 15 adults that
            brought in three speakers during November, including   serve as small group leaders.
            Dr. Kara Powell who spoke to over 350 people at the SJD   — Dan Gannon, Director of Student Ministries
            Family Thanksgiving Dinner.
            — The Rev. Reagan Cocke, Associate Rector           Members of our parish have continued to grace our
                                                                5 pm chapel worship through musical o erings. Through
            With the addition of the new Teaching Center, we are   songs and instruments such as fl ute, saxaphone, guitar,
            now able to make studies and presentations available   cello, and oboe, members of all ages and back-
            over the internet by live streaming and by video capture   grounds have donated their musical gifts to the
            for viewing on demand. This new technology enables   transformative power of worship.
            us to equip a new group of people who cannot        — John Meier, Associate Director of Music and Worship
            be here in person. We launched this technology by
            live streaming Clay Lein’s study on 1 & 2 Kings, which   2016 was a great year in the life of the Middle School
            received 450 views.                                 ministry at SJD. Not only did we have amazing adven-
            — Marilyn Gore, Director of Information Services    tures like our Mission Trip to L.A., 30 Hour Famine, and
                                                                Servant Saturdays, but we grew together as a close-
            One of the ways I have seen the Youth Ministry grow   knit family. The ties created by shared experiences in
            and change is the addition of Dan to the team. He and   ministry help form the closeness of what scripture calls
            Kimberly have done wonders welcoming kids into their   the “Body of Christ”.
            home, and equipping the ministry as a whole.        — Zach Meeks, Director of Middle School Ministry
            — Deborah Parrack, Youth Sta
                                                                Parlor Programs in 2016 taught us more about long
            Sometimes I fi nd it hard to think of accounting as a “min-  term care insurance, safe driving, Africa mission work for
            istry”. But when I experience things that happen at   widows and orphans, and social security as a retirement
            SJD, I am reminded that they would not be possible   strategy. Practical health issues were addressed with LIfe-
            without the “behind the scenes” departments. It     line Screening, fl u shots, and CPR training. We also wel-
            is exciting to see St. John the Divine Changing Lives for   comed 14 couples to a new class for beginner ballroom
            God in Christ!                                      dancing which will be available on a regular basis.
            — Marilyn Patterson, Director of Accounting         — Susan Davis, Director of Seniors Ministry

            2016 was a year of growth and of great reward from God   In addition to increasing our teaching o erings for
            in our nursery. Our loving and trained sta  met, cared   parents, we have begun socially connecting those
            for, and loved over 150 di erent babies during the year.   with children in the home through quarterly “home
            We implemented our new First Look curriculum that uses   builders” events. The fi rst two had more than 80
            music, lessons, and activities to teach our youngest   people present.
            members that God made them, loves them, and that    — The Rev. Matt Marino, Associate Rector
            Jesus wants to be their friend forever.
            — Luci Aguilar, Nursery Coordinator                 Our Sunday adult education continues to grow with
                                                                the introduction of the HIS Story walk through the Bible
            In late 2015 Young Professionals launched a Tuesday   this past fall. With the help of our dedicated small group
            night Bible study and a program to train mentors to be   leaders and teachers we are committed to bringing
            signifi cant infl uences in the lives and careers of Young   the Word to everyone.
            Professionals that are out of college, but not yet “home   — Jackie Collins, Executive Assistant
            building”. Both are growing, and 80% of the mentees
            report being “highly satisfi ed” with their mentor.
            — The Rev. Matt Marino, Associate Rector

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