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The Mom to Mom ministry continues to transform lives   At fi rst glance, there seemed to be challenges with hav-
            by connecting people through weekly gatherings of   ing Sunday school and a regular service schedule on
            moms of young children with Jesus as our foundation.   Rally Day this year; however, those challenges created
            This year we have had visiting moms fi nd our ministry   more opportunities for members to connect with one
            and seek out other avenues, such as Hope of Glory and   another. Those Rally Day connections are still happen-
            Women’s Retreat, to deepen their relationship with our   ing in 2017 through socials and parties sold last August.
            Lord and Savior. We have also had some join St. John the   — Jenny Childers, Parish Records and Rally Day Coordinator
            Divine after attending our Mom to Mom meetings.
            — Lyndsay Burgoyne, Mom to Mom Coordinator          In my short time here, I have seen the impact of our
                                                                music ministry on the congregation. In particular, the
            In 2016, 60 new members attended Discovery Classes   response to Christmas on the Boulevard was overwhelm-
            and participated in our two confi rmation/reception ser-  ingly positive and gave people another means for con-
            vice, transforming lives and connecting people more   necting with their faith in a powerful way.
            deeply to Jesus.                                    — Jessica Blau, Administrative Assistant
            — Kim Jameson, Director of Membership
                                                                Therefore welcome one another as Christ welcomed
            In 2016, Children’s Ministry worked to transform lives by   you, for the glory of God. — Romans 15:7
            o ering more opportunities for kids to connect more   This verse serves as a reminder about Jesus’ welcom-
            deeply with Jesus and in the life of the church. We   ing nature just as we welcomed over 150 families to
            o ered our fi rst Maundy Thursday foot washing service   experience the Stations of the Cross on our campus on
            and teaching on the Last Supper (communion) and Fam-  Good Friday. We have received such an outpouring of
            ily Stations of the Cross on Good Friday so that children   gratitude for the impact this journey has made on the
            were able to participate in Holy Week in ways that were   youngest as well as the eldest of families.
            meaningful to them. We have incorporated pieces of our   — ReBecca Dominguez, Children’s Ministry Associate
            liturgy into our Sunday school curriculums to provide
            kids opportunities to pray and worship in our Anglican   Well-chosen texts paired with beautiful music provided
            tradition.                                          a lifelong gift to choristers and both become imprinted
            — Deanna Lawson, Director of Children’s Ministries  in the brain and remain in long-term memory.
                                                                — Lois Trego, Director of Music for Children and Youth
            Music and Worship expanded its ministry and outreach
            with the launch of Entersect, a branded series of events   Since the fall our student ministry numbers have in-
            providing opportunities for all to encounter the    creased for both Sunday school and Midweek programs
            Divine through the transformative power of the      and we are looking to maintain that growth. We have
            arts. Programming included a presentation of Messiah   also seen students dive deeper into their faith commit-
            Parts 2 & 3 at the beginning of Holy Week, attended   ments as well as mature as young men and women of
            by 400 people from both the church and the commu-   faith. We have had two successful retreats this school
            nity. Christmas on the Boulevard in December attracted   year: the fall retreat in October, and a great Confi rmation
            nearly 1,000 people to our campus for a live nativity and   retreat the fi rst weekend in January.
            concert with River Oaks Chamber Orchestra, the SJD   — Dan Gannon, Director of Student Ministries
            Chorale, and the Houston Boychoir. Contemplative of-  I help people connect more deeply to Jesus by being
            ferings of sung prayer in the form of Taize and Evensong   more open to others about where they are and where I
            deepened our worship of God in Christ.              am and through sharing personal stories and connect-
            — Steven Newberry, Director of Music and Worship    ing them to books where Jesus would speak to them
                                                                in their present circumstance.
                                                                — Tisha Browning, Bookstore Assistant

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