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In 2016 various leadership development initiatives   This past summer we had mission/service trips that
            were begun including hosting our fi rst Global Leader-  impacted the lives of every one of the 24 people that
            ship Summit (GLS), monthly GLS Leadership Breakfasts   went to Los Angeles, CA and all of the 28 people that
            (averaging around 40 attendees), and leadership train-  went to Belize.
            ing for our Mentor Network and Associate Vestry.    — Dan Gannon, Director of Student Ministries
            — The Rev. Matt Marino, Associate Rector
                                                                By focusing on fi ve areas of concern through the Halo
            We in the o  ce of music and worship are blessed to be   Project, we are helping our customers give the gift
            working so closely with the various worship ministries at   of hope.
            SJD. In 2016, we implemented new scheduling software   — Susan Treat, Bookstore Manager
            to ease the burden on our lay leadership, and we greatly
            appreciate how readily the volunteers adapted to the   The attitude behind giving really matters. There is a
            new system. We are humbled by the commitment all the   huge di erence between buying stu  that you feel (or
            volunteers show in being mobilized to serve God in   are) obligated to, and intentionally (and cheerfully)
            his Church.                                         giving something to another person. Your generosity
            — Patrick Schneider, Administrative Assistant       makes it possible to mobilize everyone to serve oth-
                                                                ers and change the world.
            St. John the Divine’s fi rst Global Leadership Summit, and   — Jackie Ske  ngton, Director of Stewardship
            the fi rst Christmas on the Boulevard, live nativity and
            choral concert, attracted over 1500 visitors and mem-  I have seen St. John the Divine’s outreach goals grow
            bers alike! We opened our doors to the community, and   through our local and world mission committees and
            the spirit of “hospitality and welcome” created by   have seen the commitment to wholeheartedly and
            our volunteers provided opportunities to mobilize   prayerfully make decisions that protect, encourage,
            members to serve others and to change the world.    and love the human dignity of all God’s children.
            — Kim Jameson, Director of Membership               — Robyn LaRocca, Director of Outreach and Safe Church

            Thanks to our SJD youth group and volunteers, Seniors   I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as
            Ministry delivered 60 Christmas poinsiettas to our   the receptionist here at SJD for the last fi ve years. It is
            older parishioners at Christmas.                    encouraging and inspiring to me to see people come
            — Susan Davis, Director of Seniors Ministry         in our church and want to get involved in any way they
                                                                can. They are eager to worship, pray, volunteer, attend
            In 2016, ten SJD Young Professionals went on pilgrim-  Bible study, and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. You
            age, walking the last 150 miles of the El Camino de San-  can feel the energy and see the excitement that people
            tiago in Spain. We also began an annual fall retreat that   have when they are here. SJD has mobilized many new
            had fi fteen young adults and a Fellows 2.0 program that   volunteers who are willing to participate in our min-
            has a cohort of six young adults meeting to grow their   istries and share their gifts, talents, and time for the
            faith and ability to impact the world for Christ.   Lord. I am fortunate and grateful that I have several new
            — The Rev. Matt Marino, Associate Rector            volunteers who will step in at any time to sit at the front
                                                                desk, greet, and welcome visitors while answering phones
            Fifty-four young choristers serve their church through   when I am out of the o  ce. My volunteers are awesome!
            their singing in services. Additionally, the greater commu-  —Beverly Herbert, Receptionist.
            nity is becoming more aware of what we do and how it
            directly supports children, parents, and families.
            — Lois Trego, Director of Music for Children and Youth

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